QSMI maintains a private and secure information technology lab to support innovation, Agile software development, and full product testing to ensure security, reliability and quality is built into the software systems we build

The tangible benefits of our private software development and integration lab to our customers and programs include:

  • serving as additional capacity to augment government-site software development and sustainment efforts

  • empowering our engineers as they turn ideas into secure and reliable software product

  • virtualized environment that is rapidly configurable to meet short-term or long-term requirements and scalable to handle small to large scale development, integration and testing efforts

  • the flexibility to closely match the configurations of our customers' IT environments

QSMI maintains a dedicated information technology lab for innovation, Agile software development, technology product testing and evaluation, and integration testing. Our project teams are given space on it to host virtualized development and staging environments for our ongoing programs. 

QSMI’s IT Lab is separate from our corporate IT infrastructure and is managed on behalf of and in coordination with our project teams on a secure network on QSMI’s private computing environment.  This enables us to replicate, as closely as possible, our customers’ production environments.  We also have a “software forge” platform in our development environment that facilitates collaboration of our software development team members located in different facilities via the Internet.   Project team members at Government sites, and QSMI staff members on telework, can work together in a virtual development environment.

During winter / spring of 2016/17, QSMI invested in hardware and software upgrades for our lab in order to double its capacity. And, we have budgeted for additional software licenses and upgrades in the second half of 2018 for products that are likely to be used by our customers in the future. Additionally, QSMI has extended our in-house lab assets to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via a long-term company subscription, for purposes of testing and evaluating cloud integration and for collaboration with other contractor teams.  We also have access to Microsoft Azure Cloud in cases where it is a requirement or is needed by our project teams. 

We make this asset available to our project teams and per our customers' requirements as a compliment to customer site development, testing and staging.  Other uses for our lab include evaluating new “breakthrough” commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products and new programming techniques prior to introducing them to the customers' production environments, to handle unexpected or surge requirements, should they arise, and to simulate COOP and COB failovers in contingency exercises.

Secure and Reliable Software Product to Support the Mission and Business Requirements

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