The Leader in PPBE Performance

B&C Tool Advantages:

  1. Inexpensive: it is already built specifically for the Department of Defense

  2. Effective: Automates collaboration among users and offices across your organization

  3. Reliable: Secure data storage for error-free and timely budget submissions

  4. Automated: Tight integration of POM, budget, and execution

  5. Efficient: Get the most from scarce resources in this age of continuing resolutions and budget austerity

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and difficult-to-use legacy budget software.  Our Budget & Contracts (B&C) Tool is an automated Web-based integrated resource management system for budget planning, tracking contracts, and execution. The B&C Tool is designed specifically for DoD budget professionals to leverage the full value of the complex PPBE process. The results: you will formulate your program and budget more efficiently, effectively and accurately than before

Tangible Results Using a Proven Technology From a Trusted Industry Partner 

Secure and Sustainable Technology Base

  • Secure CAC/PIV-Enabled Authentication

  • Roles-Based Security with Access Control to the User-Level

  • Built with DISA-Approved Technology Components

  • Section 508 Compliant Web Application

  • Technical Support Team Experienced with RMA A&A 

In Use Now at Defense Organizations:

  • Clean, virtually error-free and timely budget submissions

  • Robust integration of Budget and Contracts

  • Automation of collection & reporting to the Triannual Review

  • Optimized obligation rates throughout the year

  • Total visibility of resources & contracts in real-time for reprogramming decisions

  • Automation for fast and painless year end close-outs

  • Efficient use of resources

Supports Collaboration Throughout the PPBE Process

CAC/PIV-Enabled Web App

B&C Tool is easily-accessed securely through a Web browser with user access according to the user access and group policies you set

Highly Flexible

The B&C Tool can adapt to meet process changes, reorganizations, and user requirements over the years

Proven Performance

B&C Tool has a highly stable technology base and fully validated business model with the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Get Ahead of the Game

Run "What If?" scenarios to determine the impact of budget decisions and weigh the cost-benefit of alternatives and budget adjustments

Beats Commercial Software

Commercial software such as Oracle Financials and Hyperion are expensive to buy and maintain, and can't compare in terms of cost, reliability and performance

Designed and Built for DoD

The Tool was designed specifically for DoD's and IC's resource management processes and for use by budget and contracts professionals 

Compliance with Business Transformation Goals

The Tool aligns with Business Transformation  goals, Laws, E.O.s, and directives meant to streamline and improve budget management

Streamlined PPBE Processes Built In

The B&C Tool streamlines the PPBE process through automation of the business rules, and reduces the pain involved in planning & executing budgets for short term CRs.

Unbeatable Price

DoD already owns the  B&C Tool, so there are never any license fees or subscriptions to buy

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