Intelligence and Security Services and Solutions

Our Intelligence & Security services and solutions are customer-tailored to provide real-time intelligence and analysis services to key intelligence professionals and decision makers in this diverse community that includes law enforcement, emergency response, military and intelligence organizations.  Our staff members are ready to support customer missions, anytime, anywhere

Expertise that is Focused on each Mission

Using our intelligence analysis methodology that is based on QA/QC and industry best practices, QSMI’s intelligence professionals integrate tradecraft, processes, tools, data, and technology to meet our customers' evolving needs. Our tailored solutions are designed to accelerate the tempo of the mission.

We turn information into intelligence: by leveraging all available sources of information, our analysts enhance situational awareness and help identify, assess and counter a variety of threats

Exploit Information: our analytical toolsets and processes inform mission planning, anticipate activities, establish ground truth, and empower decision-makers.

Support Security and Law Enforcement Efforts. Our experts deliver intelligence analysis, intelligence operations support, counterintelligence, and other services to help disrupt adversarial networks, protect our citizens, and counter asymmetric threats

Unique Capabilities for a Unique Customer Communinty

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