QSMI has a deep base of experience managing a wide array of software development projects; however, we differentiate ourselves by bringing a complete package of skills and expertise needed to ensure that quality services and solutions are delivered and mission objectives of our customers are met. Our Project Teams start each assignment from the perspective that technology tools best empower organizational productivity when the relevant business processes are embedded into the enabling technologies.


Our on-project experience encompasses highly specialized functional "horizontals" including Foreign Military Sales, NIST A&A ATO Support, Manpower and Talent Management, Mission & Mobilization Planning, federal Scientific and Technical Information (STINFO), Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Execution (PPBE), and Commercial Real Estate Inspection.  

The Case Studies below provide a few examples from our portfolio of projects of our integrated approach to the pressing business and mission-critical challenges experienced by our customers.

Case Study: A&A Authority to Operate (ATO) Support

As a part of a larger software development effort at a Government customer, QSMI was charged with managing and facilitating the NIST Assessment and Authorization (A&A) Authority to Operate (ATO) process for a new major mission-supporting application,  QSMI's streamlined processes and close working relationships with key Government stakeholders enabled us to finish the entire process months ahead of schedule.

Case Study: Foreign Military Sales

A Service Branch Command charged with managing all of its Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programs lacked the secure tools and automated systems needed to track and provide executive-level visibility into its programs and activities.  Meanwhile the programs had to comply with highly detailed FMS and international security policies. The command had several legacy systems that were inflexible and did not support their mission functions, such as provide visibility into and manage their FMS programs, comply with international security policy regulations, to track travel by their personnel to partner countries, and rapid prototyping to develop and field systems to support short term temporary requirements.


Case Study: Mission and Mobilization Planning

The materiel command at a major service branch had a requirement for an automated system to support the unclassified but limited component of its war and mobilization planning and contingency activities.  The Command had a patchwork of legacy systems that managed elements of the war and mobilization planning, but no single system that supported stakeholders and decision-makers in their contingency planning and mobilization exercises. Read More about QSMI's Approach >>

Case Study: Manpower and Talent Management

A large Government headquarters organization had trouble keeping track of its highly diverse workforce. The majority of its workforce categories are tracked individually in enterprise personnel and pay systems that don't have have interfaces and data that are readily accessible.  Some workforce components weren't tracked by any system.  Other key manpower data, such as special skills and credentials, training and career development, office locations, and emergency contact information often was nonexistent.  Read More >>

Case Study: Scientific and Technical Information

A Command in charge of a major service branch's scientific and technical information (STINFO), needed business process support, technical consulting and an automated system to manage the STINFO life-cycle.  STINFO is produced by heterogeneous stakeholder communities including engineers and scientists at the laboratories, engineers and mechanics at its maintenance hubs and facilities, and technical specialists at its test centers.  These locations are across the U.S. and in several overseas locations, and the data formats used were highly diverse.  Government STINFO is highly regulated, with many of the directives and policies not well understood by the stakeholders. Additionally, closed projects must be transmitted to a smaller DoD center, that has its own requirements.

Case Study: Real Estate Inspection

A national real estate investment and property management corporation needed a streamlined solution for conducting property inspections and transmitting the inspection results to headquarters at several stages during construction and prior to accepting delivery both of newly constructed and renovated properties.  Their inspection teams needed leverage mobile devices due to the "hard hat" environment at construction sites.

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