When you join QSMI, you become part of a dynamic company that truly cares about its employees. In addition to a generous compensation package, you'll be rewarded with a congenial work environment, opportunities for career advancement, and top-notch benefits — all of which make QSMI a great place to work. 

Healthcare, Dental & Vision
QSMI offers insurance plans for medical, dental and vision. The company covers a combined premium of medical and dental to an annual maximum (not to exceed) of $7,200.00 ($600.00 monthly) for the employee. QSMI has plans that extend to the employee's family, premiums depend on age and can be withdrawn from the employee's paycheck pre-tax.


Through the insurance plans that QSMI offers, we protect the income while our employee recovers from a long-term disabling accident, injury, or illness. QSMI pays 100% of the premium for full-time employees enrolled in our:

 Long Term Disability Insurance.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance

*We can facilitate the purchase of additional Life Insurance coverage. All insurance coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, restrictions, and other eligibility requirements set forth in the applicable insurance plan document. The payout for Disability insurance is sixty percent (60%) of an employee's weekly (short term, not to exceed $1,400.00) or monthly (long term, not to exceed $6,000.00) salary.


Paid Time Off (PTO) & Holidays

QSMI offers full-time employees PTO to be used for sicknesses, vacations, or other leave.

Employees with greater years of service to the company accrue more PTO per work hour:

Up through 3 years of service accrue 120 hours (15 days) of PTO
4-6 years of service accrue 160 hours (20 days) of PTO
7+ years of service accrue 200 hours (25 days) of PTO


QSMI observes all 10 Federal holidays*:

New Year’s Day
Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.
Washington’s Birthday 
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

401(K) Retirement Plan
QSMI contributes 3% of an employee’s pre-tax salary to the employees 401k on a yearly basis.

QSMI offers a 401(K) retirement plan through John Hancock. Full-time employees may elect to contribute to their 401(K) plan through QSMI payroll deductions. While contributing is not mandatory, it is encouraged. QSMI’s 3% of salary contribution occurs whether the employee chooses to contribute from payroll deductions or not.


Tuition Reimbursement/Education

Tuition Reimbursement and education contributions are offered for junior full time employees to achieve a degree from an accredited college or university. This benefit is limited to our most junior employees to foster an appreciation for learning and assist in the development of their career. This fixed dollar amount will be used on an annual basis up to $1,000.00 per semester, not to exceed $2,000 per year under following conditions:

Education must be through an accredited academic institute or university.

Education must be graded, pass/fail, or certificate based.

Education must be approved by the employee's manager and HR

Education must be aligned with employee job description or career plan within the company.

The employee must receive a B grade or above (not B- or below), passing grade, or the certificate.

The employee must stay with the company for one year to the date after the company receives the employee's grade.

Performance Bonuses

The employee's performance appraisal is among many considerations in QSMI's decision on performance bonuses. An employee may be promoted based on consistent outstanding performance, years of service, or educational or skill accomplishments. Performance appraisals are an ongoing process involving formal and informal input and review.

Referral Bonuses

Referral bonuses are given to full-time employees who refer highly skilled candidates. Candidates must successfully retain employment with QSMI for more than six months. There is no limit on the number of referral bonuses an employee may receive. Referral bonuses are dependent upon the skill of the candidate, the seniority of the candidate, and the contract.

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